Workshop at ECIL

This workshop illustrates how a digital tool, the Learning Designer, facilitates a new way of designing teaching and learning. It enables teachers to: build on the work of others, adopt and adapt learning designs, analyze and test their designs, and then share their own teaching ideas and experience using the tool.  

Overview of the workshop

  1. Complete preliminary survey
  2. Introduction to the Learning Designer  and questions (30 mins)
  3. Extension and adapting of a simple design (20 mins)
  4. Feedback on the process (10 mins)
  5. Hands-on-activity enabling participants to experiment creating their own design or adapting a design,  (45 mins)
  6. Development of a critique of  learning design experience  (15 mins)
  7. Workshop feedback (10 minutes)
  8. Plenary discussion  (20  mins)

AV requirements:  Participants will need to bring their laptops with them and link to the Learning Designer.


Charlton P., Magoulas G., Laurillard, D. (2012) Enabling Creative Learning Design through Semantic Web Technologies,  Journal of Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 21, 231-253

Laurillard, D., (2012) “Teaching as a Design Science”, Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology, New York, NY, Routledge

Zazani, E. (2012). Who am I? My digital footprint. Unpublished lesson plan will be shared during the conference.

The original project was Funded by the ESRC/EPSRC TLRP Technology-Enhanced Learning programme.


Here are all the materials shared during the ECIL workshop, Istanbul Turkey | 25 Oct 2013.

Zazani, E. (2012). Who am I? My digital footprint. Lesson plan shared under CC BY-SA

Read the abstract or view/download the presentation below.


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